Responsible and long-term credit is the best path to success

One of the main goals of Desenvolve SP is to enable companies to grow sustainably. The institution offers a wide range of credit facilities for the expansion, modernization, increase of production capacity, implementation of new plants and relocation of operations. It also finances the acquisition of machinery and equipment, the opening and expansion of franchises, as well as investments in sustainable projects that preserve the environment. All this with competitive interest rates and payment terms reaching up to 10 years.

Check out the main credit facilities of Desenvolve SP for companies:

Credit Facility for Innovation

Innovation is the key for increasing a company’s competitiveness.

Investing in innovation is essential for any company that wants to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Adopting a planning process in which the main focus is innovation ensures the company’s growth in the long run. A few years ago, this type of investment was restricted to large companies, but the good news is that today any company can (and should) innovate, regardless of its size.

Credit Facility for Investment Projects

The investment project is essential for companies that want to grow with economic sustainability

Credit facilities for investment projects cover projects aiming expansion, modernization and increase of production capacity and investment projects for companies in the Oil and Gas sector, and its entire production chain, such as infrastructure providers, producers of basic petrochemicals, tools, machinery and equipment.

Credit Facility for Green Economy Projects

Processes that contribute to the preservation of the environment can increase their return.

Investing in environmentally sustainable items and cleaner production processes is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Responsible entrepreneurs now see growth opportunities in the preservation of natural resources. By seeking to reduce their impact on the planet, companies create new markets and add value to their products and brands. For this reason, we finance projects that seek to implement Green Economy in the production process, from Solid Waste to Energy Efficiency Projects.

Credit Facility for machinery and equipment

Expanding the company’s production with new machinery and helps growth

The acquisition of a new machine or equipment could mean the introduction of a new product or process in the company or market. Worldwide, the machinery and equipment sector directly contributes to increasing the production and competitiveness of industry, adding value to products and fostering exports.