Business Model

Companies – Private Sector

Desenvolve SP is a financial institution of the state of São Paulo focused on the sustainable development of the state economy. It works with lower interest rates and longer terms compared to those offered by the traditional credit market in order to be able to meet its target audience: small and medium business seeking financing to expand or modernize their business operations.

In addition to credit facilities for the industry, trade, service and agribusiness sectors, the institution also offers the possibility of contracting Guarantee Funds for small entrepreneurs who face difficulties in providing collaterals to obtain the financing, such as the guarantee fund Fundo de Aval – FDA, of the state government; the Guarantee Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises – FAMPE, of Sebrae; and the Guarantee Fund for Investments – FGI, of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

In order to provide support to companies in São Paulo in outstanding activities with innovative ideas, Desenvolve SP participates in Private Equity Investment Funds – focused on companies that are not yet listed on the stock exchange, seeking to leverage their development. Seed Capital – intended for the business projects of startups at an early stage or already in progress;

Venture Capital – intended to provide support to business through the purchase of minority interest to value the shares of the companies and then leave the operation.

Municipalities – Public Sector

The scope of Desenvolve SP also includes financing the economic growth of the municipalities of São Paulo, directly contributing to the quality of life of the population. It provides credit facilities with low interest rates and long terms for implementation or expansion projects involving the road system, industrial parks, trade centers or agricultural distribution, in addition to the construction or renovation of multipurpose arenas for sport, economic, cultural and social events. According to the project, the institution also operates with on-lending from BNDES to local governments.

The disbursement of credit to the municipalities occurs only after evidencing the financial health and creditworthiness of getting the municipalities and the approval of the National Treasury Secretariat, using the ICMS (tax revenues) and/or FPM shares as collateral. In addition to the municipal administrations, Desenvolve SP serves municipalities and foundations established or managed, directly or indirectly, by the municipalities.

How to access Desenvolve SP

As determined by the Brazilian Central Bank, development institutions such as Desenvolve SP do not have bank branches. However, the form of access to Desenvolve SP is the great advantage offered to its customers.

Online Requests: from the request to the disbursement of credit, the entire process can be monitored online, without having to go to the institution. Simply register by clicking on the “Online Request” icon and submit the documentation required. The confidentiality and safety of operations are secured by VeriSign’s Secure Site Certificate.

Those who prefer can also be assisted at the agency’s office, located in the central region of the city of São Paulo, or one of the 60 associations partners of Desenvolve SP, present in the municipalities of the state.

It is not necessary to open an account: unlike retail banks, it is not necessary that the future customer opens an account with the institution to obtain the financing. Once the request is approved, Desenvolve SP deposits the agreed amount in the bank account indicated by the entrepreneur or municipality.

Simulator:  Desenvolve SP offers a full simulator for those who wish to know how much they will pay for the financing. It calculates all charges, interest rates (if any) and the grace period, showing them in detail, month by month, in a spreadsheet that can be used in the financing process.